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Spare bedrooms

Category: Conceptual, Residential
Designs: Alicia Cwiek
Courtesy: Vivendo Projects Ltd

Provided services:
01 Consultation + Brief
02 Site Surveying
03 Functional Design
04 Visual Design

Sketchup + Vray

Residential: Spare bedrooms
- Projects Description

Kids room, guest bedroom, storage area, home office, you name it. Spare bedrooms often mean much more than their standard definition.

When designing additional rooms in an apartment or a house, we find it very important to clarify and summarize the expectations and priorities related to the dedicated area. Optimizing space and combining roles is crucial, because it allows versatile use of the same room. In projects that include spare bedrooms, we often research and propose various smart, space-saving solutions like foldable beds, sofa-beds, or sliding wardrobes, to make sure the available area is utilized to the maximum, without overloading the visual perception or interrupting the functional flow.

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