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Common areas

Category: Conceptual, Residential
Designs: Alicia Cwiek
Courtesy: Vivendo Projects Ltd

Provided services:
01 Consultation + Brief
02 Site Surveying
03 Functional Design
04 Visual Design

Sketchup + Vray

Residential: Common areas
- Projects Description

Needless to say, perhaps the most important part of each residential property.

Depending on the layout, living, dining and kitchen area (often open and combined) is usually the first visible space one sees when entering an apartment or a house. Without a doubt, it is also where most of our social interactions happen, therefore it has a significant role to play in our everyday life.

When being involved in residential projects, we perform a thorough study of its inhabitants’ living patterns. We try to adjust the space to best suit their needs, starting from detailed kitchen design, through dining being extension of it, up to living and relaxation areas. Using design, we regulate the level of privacy and openness to visitors, improve the functionality and interactions between each section, and create an unforgettable and cozy atmosphere.

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