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Category: Conceptual, Commercial
Designs: Alicia Cwiek
Courtesy: Vivendo Projects Ltd

Provided services:
01 Consultation + Brief
02 Site Surveying
03 Functional Design
04 Visual Design

Sketchup + Vray

Commercial: Offices
- Projects Description

Office spaces have stopped serving only as a work-place long ago. Nowadays, thanks to great planning and visual design, commercial areas articulate a brand’s story, philosophy, work and lifestyle. They attract clients and employees by providing an environment where comfort meets professionalism, collaboration coexists next to privacy, inspiration increases productivity and personal often blends with the official.

With strong experience in office furniture, we enjoy participating in commercial projects, sharing our knowledge with clients and supporting them in various subjects, like: space planning, materials, bespoke carpentry, electrification, acoustics, lighting etc. Except for the functional and visual aspects, when designing offices we always try to think “out of the box” and propose creative solutions that would make your space stand out.

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