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Main bedrooms

Category: Conceptual, Residential
Designs: Alicia Cwiek
Courtesy: Vivendo Projects Ltd

Provided services:
01 Consultation + Brief
02 Site Surveying
03 Functional Design
04 Visual Design

Sketchup + Vray

Residential: Main bedrooms
- Projects Description

In this category you can see projects related to a room responsible for your well-being and good night’s sleep – main bedroom.

Although we don’t spend much time there during the day, main bedrooms are a very important area in every home. Well designed, they can help us relax and recover; not properly planned they can increase anxiety or frustration. They are the first and last thing we see every day and can affect our mood and sleeping patterns in great depth.

When working on apartment projects, we focus on selecting colors, textures and materials that will enhance the ambience we want to achieve in this room. We pay attention to functionality, ergonomics and use of space, to ensure smooth flow of the users. And finally we plan the lighting to match the mood and create the atmosphere our clients are after.

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