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Boldness, Elegance, and Functionality:
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Article By • Alicia Cwiek • Cyprus • 19.02.2021

Out of all spaces in an average residential property, bathrooms hold an extraordinary position.
It is the first place you visit once you wake up in the morning, and the last one you greet before the end of day. Whether small or large and spacious, with an enclosed or a walk-in shower room, featuring a bathtub or not necessarily, classic or contemporary. The possibilities of a bathroom layout are endless. One is certain – good bathroom interior design is as complex as it is important, and should always be adjusted to the owners’ lifestyle.

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Bathroom interior design for a general finishes retail company.

Content summary:

Bathroom design project brief: setting the right priorities and getting started

After an initial consultation with the client, we established a very clear set of goals for the project in hand: to create an impressive product presentation in a form of a bathroom design concept. Our task was to design a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom area, where the main focus would lie on the finishes. Without a doubt, the unique grey marble tiles by Opoczno were to be the dominating and most important element in the interior, followed by timeless Cersanit ceramic sanitary ware, stunning Omnires mixers and accessories.

Once we clarified the objectives, and guided by our client’s requirements, we started working on the user profile, bathroom design ideas, inspirations, and, of course, the interior design layout. The concept that evolved naturally around a premium, yet affordable product, addresses the needs of a design-aware person who values quality and aesthetics. Our imaginary user would have a strong personality, ability to take bold decisions and would surely lead an active lifestyle. Their ideal bathroom would be spacious, yet minimalistic, functional, and elegant. 

Bathroom mood board:
creating the atmosphere
by choosing the right materials

Selecting finishes and equipment for any interior design project may seem like an easy task, but in fact it’s not that straight forward. One can compare it to the process of creating music: no matter how beautiful a single note sounds, it will create nothing but a cacophony if not properly situated in relation and harmony to the others. The same applies to the interior design finishes: in order to achieve great results, the proposed materials must be matching, the balance and hierarchy between them must be kept. For bathroom interior design, it is also very important to keep in mind the durability and suitability of the elements we choose, as they will be exposed to humidity and water on a daily basis.

Keeping this in mind and following the brief, we exhibited the grey marble tiles in the interior as the main theme of this modern bathroom design. Adding the walnut veneer in the vanity shelf, timber slats and a bespoke furniture piece behind the toilet, it all completed the desired look of natural, yet luxurious materials. In order to break the monotony and create contrast, we chose an anthracite microcement finish, and to add a beautiful glossy spark, we decided to use brass for the mixers, shower, and accessories. Placing metal and clear glass elements in this bathroom interior design project enhanced and balanced the large matt surfaces.

Marble bathroom design mood board

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Bathroom design functional layout: lifestyle reflected in the interior design

With the general concept ready, it was time to move on to the next stage and study our bathroom layout ideas. Considering the user’s lifestyle and preferences, a large and easily accessible walk-in shower room was a must-have. Following the minimalistic approach, we also introduced a bespoke storage unit above the wall hung toilet pan, which would help keep the area uncluttered. The basin – undoubtedly the centre of attention, is unobstructed, even though it’s located in close proximity to the toilet. Finally, our bathroom interior design wouldn’t be complete without an iconic design chair, serving also as a conveniently located dressing area.

Valuing the time required from the users to keep any bathroom area clean, we decided to adopt solutions that would help making it effortless. The wall hung toilet pan as well as the basin installed on a minimalistic shelf instead of a large vanity unit, allow clear access to the floor space underneath. Using a shower tray rather than a classic walk-in, with an additional glass divider, prevents water from spilling out. Bathroom tiles design layout, and selection of the sizes didn’t happen by accident either – large surfaces with almost invisible grouting are easier to maintain.

In Black Beetle Design, we believe that a good bathroom design should always put functionality, ergonomics, and inhabitant’s needs first. The next and final step – 3D modelling and rendering – focuses on aesthetics and visual presentation. 

Renders gallery of marble tile bathroom design

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Bathroom design visual presentation: The final image

The most exciting and awaited stage of every project is the 3D renders of the space. Here is where we bring everything together in consequence to all previous interior design process stages, and create a visual presentation of the subject.  

In the case of this particular project, high quality and photorealism in 3D renders were especially important. Using the previously created mood board and functional bathroom design layout as a base, we started the modelling phase by introducing the actual products, finishes, lighting, and accessories. Thanks to the LED profiles inserted behind the vanity shelf and in the bulkhead above, not only did the texture of tiles get additionally enhanced, but also the basin area received much required light. A decorative pendant lighting fixture in clear glass completed the look and created subtle shadows. The user could now choose between two general ambiences – general daily setup and indirect night lighting. 

Our approach:
How to design a bathroom
and what can we do to assist you?

Interior design is more than just a service, it’s a philosophy. Each designer may have a different approach and principles when working on a project, but there are certain priorities and rules that should always be followed.

Bathroom design needs to be well-thought out and studied in detail to become a functional, adjusted to human needs, durable and beautiful space. When designing any interior, and bathrooms in particular, our priority in Black Beetle Design is to always place the user first, try to understand their behavior patterns and adjust the space around accordingly. Using professional interior design software, we create detailed functional technical drawings and 3D renderings to give you a complete idea of how your bathroom will look like and how to bring this vision into reality.

Not only do we provide design services, we also assist our clients in the execution phase of a project, are open to additional consultations, shopping guidance, and following the works on site. 

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