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Article By • Katarzyna Strojna • Cyprus • 29.01.2021

Technical drawings are the common language used by those who work in any field of technology. Interior designers use them to communicate their ideas for given spaces and to inform the manufacturers and contractors of all details necessary to execute any type of project, even the most complicated one.

Let us walk you through our understanding of the usefulness of technical drawings as a means to convey the concept to our clients and manufacturers.

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What are the types of technical drawings and what do we use them for?

Technical drawings are the universal method to transfer information about the way something functions or is constructed.
There are two main types of technical drawings: two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D). The content of these types of drawings depends on the design discipline, like: architectural, civil engineering, electrical, HVAC and plumbing, interior design, bespoke furniture, etc.

For our design purposes we develop the following drawings, each usually containing plans (or floor plans for interiors), elevations and views, cross sections, and details:

  • 3D visualizations / renders (click on the link to read more about our 3D rendering service)
  • 2D floor plans and elevations – to show the ergonomic and functional interior design concept
  • 2D floor plans and elevations – to indicate any changes to the existing architecture (demolishing, new openings, etc.)
  • 2D technical drawings – to show our suggestions and detailed description of the proposed finishes: flooring, walls, soffits, etc.
  • 2D technical drawings – to indicate the electrical points and lighting
  • 2D detailed technical drawings of carpentry elements – including shop drawings of bespoke furniture and doors
  • 2D technical drawings of the bathrooms – detailed plans, elevations and sections indicating the layout of tiles and equipmentw

In need of interior design technical drawings?

Why do interior designers need technical drawings?

Drawing is the most essential tool while designing a new interior or adjusting an already existing one. Our main goal is to make your space as functional as possible. In order to do that, we draft a layout of the area and study it carefully to realize its potential and make the best use of all available space. Technical drawings play a crucial role in our analysis of the functionality of the rooms, distances and interactions between them, and in establishing the best arrangement that will correspond to the users’ intentions for their interiors.

It is especially important while designing interior space in hotels, office premises and public buildings, where all relevant standards and regulations have to be followed, like the width of corridors, layout of accessible toilets, etc., for the building to be certified for use. 

In private apartments, technical drawings can be extremely important when it comes to capturing the full potential of a generally smaller area and introducing smart solutions to utilize available space in the best way possible. 
When talking about planning of larger residential premises, technical documentation is useful for establishing the space proportions and coming up with an effective, user-centered arrangement.

Examples of our interior design technical drawings

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Production drawings in bespoke furniture design and development

There are multiple parties involved in customized furniture development, and precise and comprehensive shop drawings are the way of communication between designers and manufacturers.

Good technical drawings and initial 3D renderings are the starting point for creating a visual representation we will show to the customer for approval before the production can begin. We can take any preliminary bespoke furniture drawing or even a freehand sketch you may have, like a kitchen layout or your apartment floor plans, and transform it into detailed technical drawings that will help the furniture manufacturers make your vision a reality.

Whether you are looking to furnish your hotel rooms with original, bespoke furniture (adjusted exactly to your needs, budget and site conditions), or looking for special custom furniture solutions to create unforgettable office interiors for your employees, or just want to make the best use of that awkward space underneath your staircase and have a practical wardrobe there, we will provide you with a complete set of comprehensive CAD models and guidance on every step of the project.

Examples of our bespoke furniture technical drawings

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need a helping hand with bespoke furniture drawings?

Why are detailed technical drawings so important?

No design process can do without a graphical representation of either the space or a piece of furniture we work on to develop to accurately match your requirements.

Detailed technical drawings (be it floor plans and elevations or carpentry detailed drawings) are the best and the easiest way to explain the design and show our clients the progress we are making or any changes that might be necessary to introduce during the design process. They are also indispensable when it comes to accurate assessment of resources required for a specific room (e.g. office space planning or retail space planning). They help us make sure we leave no area wasted, and you will know exactly what you can get out of your home or business property, and how to reflect it in your budget.

Technical drawings are very important to us and we pay meticulous attention to detail while drafting. We also constantly learn all there is to know about materials, technologies and the best solutions to ensure that the end result is not only aligned with your vision, but is also durable, safe, and can be executed at an optimized production cost.

What design software do we use to create technical drawings?

We have been using the best professional CAD software available to transform our clients’ visions into production drawings that the manufacturers, contractors and installation crew will use as a guide in the execution phase of a project. We rely on our software to help us implement any changes to the design in no time to make sure we meet your deadlines.

The following CAD design software facilitates our work in achieving your goals:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD – the best and most professional software for 2D technical drawings of interior space planning and bespoke furniture design
  • Sketchup Pro Layout – for less complex but more visually attractive presentations