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Category: Commercial, Showroom
Size: 270 m2
Years of development: 2015-16

Design: Alicia Cwiek, Mark Cassar, Calligaris
Furnishing: Vivendo Projects Ltd
Photography: Alan Carville

- Project Description

One of the first major projects led from design to execution by Alicia for Vivendo Projects Ltd.
Located on a stunning, green, valley road, Ideacasa showroom used to be a hot spot on the furnishing map of Malta and a home to well-known design brands such as Calligaris, Vitra, Max Divani or Aran Cucine. At the time it would consist of the ground and first floor, both dedicated to mid- and high-end home furniture.
Together with her colleague, Mark Cassar, Alicia was entrusted with the task of redefining and redesigning the ground floor area, creating a dedicated shop-in-shop experience for Calligaris brand, enhancing the windows display and general ambience. Thanks to bold design decisions of demolishing nearly all of existing walls and opening up the space, we have managed to visually enlarge the space, introducing overall freshness. By white-washing the remaining architectural elements, replacing the lighting system with  elegant, minimal, tracks and spotlights, and by choosing large, cement-looking tiles, we have created a perfect, neutral and almost theatrical surrounding that did not compete with, but enhanced the visibility of the most important elements – displayed furniture.

Working closely with Calligaris sales and design team, we have proposed the layout of selected collections, but also designed and developed a unique chairs display. Located in the depth of the showroom it served as a beautiful background and helped us optimize the use of available space. The window display areas were allocated to bedroom, living and kitchen sections, giving the customer an overall idea of Ideacasa’s offering.

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